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Vinyl Characteristics

Standard Vinyl

Durable and easy to clean. Popular choices for a wide variety of products. 26 vibrant colors to choose from!
NOTE: Colors 112, 120, 121, & 138 have white rivets and white Velcro swatch if product requires them. All other colors will have black rivets and Velcro as standard.

Tinted Clear Vinyl

Six fun colors that are tinted clear (see through) vinyl with a high gloss look, Very cool vinyl option!

Premium Vinyl

Just what the name implies . . . An elegant, premium material that is slightly varied in texture, shading and grain, with a softer, smooth feel that leaves a regal impression. Available in 5 colors.

Executive Vinyl

Expanded material with a smooth, grained leather appearance that looks elegant and prestigious. Best choice to showcase your deboss imprint. Available in 8 colors.
NOTE: Approved artwork necessary for screen printing on this material.

Ultimate Vinyl

Expanded and supported material that is smooth and glossy with a leather-like look and feel. A superior choice for sewn products. Classy and elegant. Available in 4 color options.
NOTE:Approved artwork necessary for screen printing on this material.

Ultima 7 Paper

Our most popular paper material for turned edge products in 4 rich colors. It looks like premium leather or coated cloth with the benefit of being very economical.

Italia Vinyl

Used in sewn applications, this popular, smooth, almost velvety expanded material has a rich leather look and feel, similar to executive without the gloss. Available in 3 color options.


We offer a variety of gauges for every purpose. Used for industries that need extreme longevity and durability. Very easy to to clean!